Children's Comprehensive Teaching Center

Created since 2013, in commune 18 of Cali, in the Polvorines neighborhood, we have our own headquarters.

Our purpose is to prevent the formation of habits that can lead to the crime of children who live in areas of high social risk, due to the inappropriate use of free time.

Our services are:

  • Educational and socio-emotional support.
  • Development of artistic, cultural and sports skills.
  • Parent school.

Our services are:

  • Assistance through medical assessment.
  • Oral health and hygiene.
  • Nutritional program.
  • Full Tummy Dining Room.

Meet our project for the construction of a modern headquarters in the city of Cali.

HELP US impact more children who live in areas of High Social Risk.

Contact us:


Call us +57 (602) 395 73 47 Cel.: +57 316 465 39 37